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Vision & Mission

 - It is our vision to contribute our services to all autistic children in this country.

 - To realize this, we provide innovative programmes that holistically focus on the needs of autistic children, their

   families and other caregivers.


  -  To provide free services for children with autism and their families.

  -  To provide information on autism to bring awareness and understanding of the disability.

  -  To be an advocate for children with autism.

  -  To support parental and family commitment to train children with autism.

  -  To develop eclectic and holistic approach in the training of children with autism.

  -  To support integration and inclusion of children with autism into mainstream education and society.                      


Our main objective has always been to be a source of information and training ground for autistic children and their parents. Information on autism can be easily obtained from our professional staff and from the books and audio-visual resources that are provided at the Centre.   

Another objective is to train and help the autistic child to become an accepted member of society. This is achieved through proven and well-planned programmes patiently carried out. 

We also organise workshops and seminars to improve the skills of our volunteers, parents and family members in dealing with the many facets of autism. These are the people who play vital roles in the building and training of the children’s character, behaviour and education that will determine their future. 

As much as we care for the autistic children, we place great emphasis in supporting their parents and families in many ways. Our wish is to provide an avenue for them to express their problems and concerns with regard to their autistic children. Therefore, counselling services are offered to all parents in groups or individually. The parent support group itself provides an avenue for parents to cooperate, to support and help each other in every way they are able to. We work towards a “family-like” structure at the Centre in that we encourage everyone in the family to be involved in the many activities together with their children. Hence, continuous training is achieved as training begins at the Centre and continues at home.

The surprising success of our simple desire to involve families of these autistic children in their training at the Centre has encouraged us to share our methods with those who have the desire to set up such Centres. 

Most importantly, the key feature of our method is that the services are given FREE. In this way, parents are more committed if they are required to retain primary responsibility for their charge, participate in the activities and training, and provide their own efforts. We advocate for our autistic children and also help the family members to enjoy these children.

With 26 years of sound experience in the field of autism, we now have an insight into the training and education of autistic children that we can share.


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